Our Brands

At Shilpa Ahuja Digital Media we are committed to creating brands that matter. We care about paving the way we will consume media in the future. And for that, we cultivate the best of the best talent. A brand according to us is a promise, a strong belief that we offer to our viewers.


About Our Brands


Career Nuts is compendium of careers paths from career professionals in all different fields, which can give meaningful insights to students considering those careers. Choosing a career is a daunting task, but it can be made easy if a veteran in the field of your choice answers all your questions. But where can you find experts from all different fields? At CareerNuts, of course.


Decorisk is your guide to trendy yet practical interior design ideas. Our aim is to refine your taste by starting conversations about design and designers around the world, by inspiring our readers to understand what they love and what works for them. From understanding interior décor lingo to design basics, from understanding how to hire a designer to budgeting your renovations, Decorisk magazine is your read for all things beautiful!


How to Get into Harvard started with a sole purpose – to give everyone the confidence that they, too, can get into Harvard. We want to make sure that everyone understands that beyond its history and hype, Harvard University is just another university. And that you, too, are worthy of attending it. From application tips and requirements to paying for your education to moving to campus, How to Get into Harvard aims to be your guide to the complete process of getting admitted, and beyond.


OpiniOwn is a community publication or social blog. A platform where independent thinkers can share opinions. Forget mindless “forwards” or content selected for you by bots, at OpiniOwn, we believe that the bright minds actually like to explore perspectives that are different from their own. Because what’s growth without learning unfamiliar ideas? Every piece is fact-checked and edited to ensure it’s the same quality as that written by professional journalists. But in some ways, it’s different – better – because it’s written by our generation’s thinkers and thought-trail-blazers – by you.


Shilpa Ahuja is fashion magazine, with the promise from it founder Shilpa Ahuja, that the platform will offer rich and meaningful insights and opinion of the world of fashion. A non-celebrity focused approach towards fashion journalism and lifestyle, that promises substance and confidence to its readers. There are a lot of fashion magazines, but a handful that have courage to entrust its brand name to an individual, promising trust and authenticity by its founder and her principles.