Our Culture

We want you to grow. We want you to be curious. We love it when you enjoy your work. And we’re so proud when your work takes you places!
Having a team from all parts of the country, we take pride in finding the best of the best talent. We have a no judgment culture, where you only need hard work, talent and a positive attitude to get ahead.

Our culture promotes women empowerment, encouraging them to pursue a career in what they love during all walks of their lives. While women all over the world lose their jobs during pregnancy or new motherhood, we instead, encourage them to contribute as freelancers, so they can continue to work on what makes them happy.

Workplace Values

A culture of inspiration and positivity, we encourage our young team members to explore different types of roles, work on different things to find what they truly are good at. And these are the reasons our team members come back to work for us.

Your ideas matter here, no matter what your role is. So if you believe in what we do, and if you think you can make a positive contribution here, we invite you to join our team.

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Fashion Analyst Intern – Closed
Fashion Journalist Intern – Hiring
Visual Content Creator & Graphic Designer Intern – Hiring
Staff Writer – Hiring
Social Media Trainee – Closed
Fashion Editor – Closed
Management Executive – Closed

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Interior Journalist Intern – Hiring
Staff Writer – Hiring

Current Openings at

Content Writing Intern – Hiring
Staff Writer – Hiring

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Educational Content Writer (Freelance) – Hiring
Educational Writer Intern – Hiring

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Business Journalist Intern – Hiring
Business Journalist / Staff Writer – Hiring

How to Apply

Please send us your resume, cover letter & writing/work samples to hr(at)shilpaahuja(dot)com. Also, please fill in the form below. Shortlisted applicants will be contacted within 7 working days.

SAM Internship Program

If you’re applying for internship, please also fill in the SAM Internship Terms form below, in addition to the application form above.

What Our Employees Say about Us

Akarshi Srivastava, Fashion Journalist Intern, currently Staff Writer (July’21 – Present): The best thing about this internship program was that we were always allowed to choose topics of our choice from an array of interesting subjects and beyond.

When I joined this internship program, I used to write articles for my blog as a hobby, I didn’t really have any prior professional experience as a fashion journalist. But in the past 3 months I have learned so many skills such as SEO, the creative process of writing an article, various writing styles, paying attention to every single word in the article, choosing the right pictures, and also a couple of new things about Photoshop! From brainstorming to publishing, every single step was a great learning experience for me.

I wouldn’t have grown as much as I have these past four months without your detailed feedback and unwavering support.

Aayushi Berawala, Fashion Journalist & Graphic Design Intern, currently Staff Writer (July’20 – Present): Working with Shilpa Ahuja Media was an amazing and mind-blowing experience. Being a fashion designer, I wanted to explore more in the fashion media industry. And this internship gave me the platform to discover and work upon my communication skills.

I am very glad to work with Shilpa ma’am taught me so many things, from learning new skills to improving my flaws. Thank you, ma’am, for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

Sadaf Naz, Fashion Journalist Intern (Apr’20 – Dec’20): This internship is more close to my heart than any other internships that I have done so far. I won first place in creative writing in school but then I stopped writing and thought I lost my creativity in it. Working for Shilpa Ahuja Media I realized that I still can write and it gives me the same joy it gave back then.

Shilpa ma’am is amazing and working with her I learned a lot. She mentored me in such a way that now I have the confidence to write on a variety of topics. She also gave me the opportunity to help my fellow teammates, which in some way helped me become more confident and made me better at my work. Anyone who wants to become a part of fashion, journalism, or content writing, this internship is for them. Thank you so much ma’am for giving me this opportunity and mentoring me all along.

Kishita Mutha, Fashion Journalist Intern (Apr’20 – Jun’20): This internship has been a great learning experience for me. Over these three months with I have learnt, made mistakes, and with the help of Ma’am Shilpa Ahuja I have learnt from those mistakes. Content creation, structuring of content, SEO, Mood Boards, appreciating as well as criticizing fashion trends, a deeper understanding of fashion, time management, and editing are some of my learnings over the course of my internship.

It was great working with you, ma’am. And some of the lessons from you have only made me more ready for the corporate world. I can’t thank you enough for your motivation and guidance throughout the internship.

Shreya Jain, Fashion Journalist Intern (Apr’21 – Nov’21): My mentor was flexible with my work hours, I had the opportunity to write about the topic of my liking when it was approved and Shilpa ma’am was very helpful and taught me what I needed to write a good publishable article.

Sowndarya Gopala Krishnan, Fashion Journalist Intern (Apr’21 – Nov’21): I love writing blogs. I had a wordpress account but I was lagging in SEO and editing skills. This internship really helped to improve my writing skills. And also, gave me a clear vision about how to select a content, deliver a content, SEO and do’s and don’ts on an article writing. Our Editor-in-Chief Shilp ma’am helped us and supported us throughout this internship. I consider this internship as a great opportunity to work with such a promising digital magazine I gained confidence in my writing after joining this internship. Once again I thank Shilpa ma’am for this opportunity.

I wish all your happiness, success and health double like the twins in the coming year and always.

Sailee Iyer, Fashion Journalist Intern (Apr’21 – Aug’21): Honestly, for me, it was a great experience working for Shilpa Ahuja Media. From this internship, I have acquired a great deal of knowledge as well as skills. Not only has my writing skills improved, but I have also learned how to communicate better as a result of my internship.

I’m really thankful to Shilpa ma’am for giving me such an amazing opportunity and for mentoring me throughout the internship.

Aditi Gupta, Visual Content & Graphics Design Intern (Apr’21 – Aug’21): A smooth transition from academic world to working environment, this internship helped me attain hands on experience. I was always guided throughout my internship period. At first, I used to hesitate to ask for help but the helpful and friendly nature of Shilpa ma’am helped me get out of the cage. I’m really glad that my first internship went well and I learned a lot.

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Statement is an equal opportunity employer and is against discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion or belief, national, caste, social or ethnic origin, sex (including pregnancy), age, physical, mental or sensory disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, marital or domestic partnership status, family or parental status. Applicants of all ages are encouraged. does not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind based on any of these characteristics. All employment decisions will be based on business needs, job requirements and individual qualifications and/or performance.