Shilpa Ahuja Digital Media – Our Vision

The days in which media operated behind closed doors are over. The consumers of the internet-era want open dialogue, thought-clarity, and brands with transparent motives. Internet is now an open-discussion forum and this changes the way media should operate. However, this doesn’t change media’s role – to be the voice of the society. To make cultural & intellectual contributions.

We at Shilpa Ahuja Digital Media believe that well researched and quality content can be the only sustainable growth strategy in a time where we are overloaded with click-bait content. Today, social media platforms try to polarize people’s views by projecting biased content through their algorithms. We believe to serve our readers not only based on what they are searching or what’s popular, but also to make an effort to share opinions that may not be very popular.

We believe that media has the power (and the responsibility) to start public discussions, and educate readers so they can make informed opinions. Our aim is to provoke thought in the minds of our readers rather than just instill 3rd party opinions in their minds. We also want to give an opportunity to readers by creating an open platform, which helps them share their own opinions with a wider audience.