Obtaining and Using ShilpaAhuja.com Content

Learn more about using the content on SAM Websites. Please also review the Frequently Asked Questions About Linking.

1. Do I need permission to use the content on SAM Websites?

Yes. With certain limited exceptions that are described on this page, all use of SAM websites content, including images, text, infographics, videos, etc. requires the permission of Shilpa Ahuja Media.

Please be advised that when articles, videos or images are credited to a source other than Shilpa Ahuja, for example, other websites, magazines or social media accounts, it is most likely that the credited source holds the rights to the material. Please contact that party directly to seek permission for reuse.

The following list summarizes common requests for permission:

  • In most cases, permission to use just the article text (without images, graphics, etc.) can be obtained instantly. Please use the permission request form to seek permission.
  • Corporate photocopying and use of the content on Shilpa Ahuja Media in academic materials and other classroom contexts are handled by the Copyright Clearance Center, www.copyright.com.
  • For using the text of an article with accompanying images or graphics like images, videos, infographics, etc., complete the permission request form. This form can also be used for seeking permission to use Shilpa Ahuja Media editorials or photo-shoot images.

For information about linking to Shilpaahuja.com, see the Frequently Asked Questions About Linking.

2. Do I need permission to email an article?

No. You’re allowed and encouraged to distribute an article by email to up to 30 recipients for personal and non-commercial use only. For emailing an article to more than 30 recipients or for any other purpose, you must request permission by filling in our permission request form as described above.

For information about sending links to Shilpaahuja.com articles via email, please review the Frequently Asked Questions About Linking.

3. May I use parts of SFL’s articles for excerpts or quotes? Am I allowed to adapt or edit Shilpaahuja.com’s articles?

It is permissible to make direct quotes from SFL’s articles without editing or adaptation, as long as the context and meaning of the excerpt are retained from the original text. You may neither selectively quote from an article(s) such that it changes its meaning, nor take it out of context nor combine different quotes to create your own sentence. Quotes of one or two sentences are permissible, however, it may be considered copyright infringement if a longer excerpt is taken for publication. It is always best to submit a request for permission.

Editing and adaptation of SFL’s content is usually not permitted, unless in special circumstances and upon permission.

4. How can I obtain permission to use a screenshot, an image of any ShilpaAhuja.com article or page in my website, book or other publication?

For permission to use our images or a screenshot, please use the permission request form.

5. Can I use titles, introductions and summaries of SFL’s articles?

It is permissible to create your own summary of our content, and to use SFL’s headlines with links back to the articles located on ShilpaAhuja.com. For more information, see the Frequently Asked Questions About Linking.

6. Does SFL provide a research service?

Shilpa Ahuja does not provide any research service. For information about searching for articles (including archived articles), see Archives.

7. How can I purchase a Shilpa Ahuja photograph?

To obtain rights to print, republish or license a stand-alone image, contact us at info@shilpaahuja.com.

8. Do you have a photo-print service where I can purchase Shilpa Ahuja Media’s wallpapers or pictures?

Unfortunately, we currently do not have any such service. Please see above question for obtaining permission to purchase high-res soft copies of our images for your prints.

9. Can I get permission to reuse a video, infographic or other media published on ShilpaAhuja.com?

Please contact info@shilpaahuja.com to inquire about the availability of a specific media. Because of copyright issues related to various media, not all features are available for reuse.

10. My question about rights and permissions is not answered here. Where can I send my question?

If you have further questions regarding rights and permissions, please visit contact us at help@shilpaahuja.com.